Welcome to Rea u Folla

Queueing made easy for everyone

- We hold your spot on the queue -

Welcome to Rea u Folla

Enabling you to focus on other errands

- We hold your spot on the queue -

Welcome to Rea u Folla

Only come when it's your turn

- We hold your spot on the queue -

Efficient and Transparent

We help you make the most out of your day by holding your spot on any queue, whenever you need. Focus on other errands and only come through when it's almost your turn. Secure your spot with only M100 and we will take care of the rest, there are no hidden costs. Get confirmation within at most one hour of your booking.

Simple Process

Our process is pretty straightforward. Simply submit a booking via the Request Queueing form, this should take you less than 5 minutes, then make payment via Mpesa and that's it! Your confirmation details will come straight to your whatsApp. You can make changes to your booking anytime before the requested queueing takes place.

Anytime and Anywhere

We have queuers across the country. You can make a booking anytime, wherever you are, we will try our best to meet your queueing needs. You can also submit a booking way ahead of time, giving you the necessary flexibility and peace of mind. Never miss your important appointments again.

Say bye to long queues. we got you.

  • All Public Services
  • Shoprite Money Market
  • Banks and Hospitals

We understand the frustration of standing in long queues throughout the day. We have partnered with a network of queuers across the country who are always happy to hold your spot for you on any queue, allowing you to focus on other important errands. Our queuers are all vetted and mature individuals who will take care of your queueing needs with utmost professionalism and punctuality.

Happy Clients

We ensure that you don't waste time standing in long queues.
'Mamorapeli Mokete
Khanyane, Leribe

Rea U Folla came in so handy for my mother and I when we went for a check up at Motebang Hospital. People usually line up as early as 03:00 at the hospital, but unfortunately we couldn't start walking around at such odd hours of the morning for our own safety. Thank you for the amazing service.

Seipati Sekhetsi
Ha Maieane (Katse)

One time I had to be at Passport Office at 7am, there was no way I would make it travelling from Ha-Maieane, I reached out to Rea U Folla and they connected me with a very reliable guy who managed to be among the first people on the queue.

Let us queue for you